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Bruce McCreary

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Bruce McCreary

Bruce is a hard working agent who can think on his feet and address challenges quickly. He is grounded and has a way of putting others at ease. He is the kind of agent who is willing to go above and beyond just a real estate transaction. Passionate about what he does, Bruce loves to see his clients succeed in their goals, especially when he is able to help expedite the process.

Before embarking upon his real estate career, Bruce was a water professional for 28 years and has an electro/mechanical background coming from the Air Force. He received several awards from Jacobs Engineering along with achieving the 5280 Five Star Professional award in real estate for six years! His background proves that Bruce doesn’t shy away from hard work and is willing to go the extra mile for his clients to achieve their goals, whatever that may mean. Although he is a highly accomplished agent, Bruce is extremely humble and wants the spotlight to remain on those who matter most- his clients. He does a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The only credit he needs is knowing that his clients are happy and successful in reaching their goals.

While Bruce was in the military, he lived in the middle east for 18 months. He loves to see the world and travel and has been to England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, and France. His dream is to finish his trip around the world!

Free time is primarily spent with his family. Bruce has four incredible children with his wife. On a typical Saturday, if he isn’t at open houses, he is spending time with his lovely wife. He is also a lover of all music and loses track of time when dancing, singing or playing music. A fun fact about Bruce is that he was a foster parent in the 80s for seven kids! He says that it gave him a sense of making a difference in the world and to continue to be an asset to his children as well as the people he works with. 

Bruce’s words to live by: Life is short, live it well. You deserve it!

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Office Phone 720.981.4109
Cellphone 303.994.0590